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Regatta Pro-Start is an automatic starting horn that relieves the race committee of the demanding task of keeping time for shooting guns and allows them to pay closer attention to the start line.  

The timing of the race sequence is always clear, as Pro-Start blasts are easily heard by large fleets on windy days.




Outstanding Benefits

  • Fully automatic control of timing and horn blasts.
  • 118 dB blasts are easily heard over long start lines and high winds.
  • Blasts are easily muffled by placing in bag, center console, or similar confining space.
  • Beeper orients and synchronizes race committee to the sequence in progress.
  • Beeper countdown alerts RC to raise and lower shapes and to impending horns.
  • Crystal controlled accuracy assures precise timing.
  • Any available 12-volt source (ship's battery, portable power pack, etc.) powers unit.
  • Eight selectable RRS and ICYRA sequences with selectable beeper alerts.
  • No visual distractions - all timing signals are audible.
  • Contestants hear a consistent, reliable, and recognizable sequence every race

Distinguishing Features

  • Attached clip allows the horn to be quick-mounted to any rail or convenient base.
  • Eight-foot lead from controller to horn allows horn to be mounted well away from personnel.
  • Trumpets point back-to-back for full coverage of both the start line and the prep area.
  • Trumpets mounted to air compressor allow the unit to be placed inside a bag to muffle the volume for close-in or light-air races.
  • Beeper chirps every ten seconds to confirm controller's operating status.
  • When first powered up, Beeper and Horn chirp at completion of self-test.
  • Controller remembers 'sequence' and 'alert' selections when power is removed.

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