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After many suggestions and ideas from owners and Race Officials it was time to make a better product.  As a result we've been busy this winter updating controller software. 

The 2008 software update adds a three minute Rule 26 sequence, and Appendix Q and Rule 26 now have a recall sequence.  You will also be able to add a delay between sequences, and be able to set them to cycle continuously or just do one sequence.  You'll still be able to set the time of the attention or eliminate it.

Download the instruction sheets for the new 2008 sequences by clicking here.

You can upgrade your old Regatta Pro Start to the new sequences.  The cost is $100.00 + $11.00 s&h.

Regatta Pro Start is also available as a controller only unit, for $349.00 (+$11.00 s&h), if your RC boat already has a nice set of ships horns.  It interfaces to the ship's horn with a three wire cable ( +12 volt, Ground, and control).

 If you're running a large event with many boats on the start line we have a high output unit for $649.00 (call for s&h).  If you followed the
Louis Vuitton and 32nd Americas cup series that was our system you heard at the start. 

 The trumpets are chrome plated metal and issue about the loudest blast that you can get from this class of horn.  The next step up would be the high pressure truck type horn.  This unit is meant to be mounted at the bow and comes with a 30 foot length of cable to the control unit for the race committee at the stern.  The two things you need to provide are power, a 12 volt power pack located within six feet of the trumpets, and mounting surface, it comes with a flange that you need to mount (screw) on a surface.

More pictures to come.  The website is slowly getting updated.  Call or email for specifics and questions. 

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