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PS features a microcontroller based timer which controls a powerful air horn for the start line and a lower volume beeper for RC alerts.  It attaches directly to the RC boat's 12 volt battery or conveniently, if its available, to a 12 volt accessory outlet (aka cigarette lighter receptacle).  It will draw 13 amps for brief periods so the line should be fused appropriately.  


RPS includes Eight sequences which conform to the US Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) prescriptions and the Intercollegiate Yacht Racing Association (ICYRA) sequence as follows:


1) One minute dinghy start-
2) Two minute dinghy start-
3) Three minute dinghy start- 
4) Five minute sequence- 
5) Matchrace sequence
6) Two minute rolling start-
7) Three minute rolling start-
8) Five minute rolling start-

A shortened version of #3, good for practicing starts
A shortened version of #3, good for frostbite starts
RRS  Appendix Q and ICYRA small boat start 
RRS rule 26
RRS Appendix C
A shortened version of  #8
A shortened version of  #8 
Pre-2001 RRS rule 26 (A horn every five minutes)
  • For 2004, the Matchrace sequence (Appendix C) has been added
  • For 2003, the old 'Pre-2001' dinghy starts have been removed and the two minute dinghy coaching start has been changed to one minute
  • For the rolling starts, a programmable shape alert beeps the RC to drop the shape.  It may be set from zero to 60 seconds prior to the horn.
  • For the dinghy and five minute sequence, 'Shape Alert' sets the time of the 'attention sequence' prior to the start sequence.  It may be eliminated or set to zero to 60 seconds prior to the start sequence.


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